New Moon in Leo (July 28, 2022)

Alex Stein
4 min readJul 26, 2022


Art by Johfra Bosschart

“There is light within a person of light and it lights up the whole world. If it does not shine, there is darkness.”– The Gospel of Thomas

An overflowing heart, so full of light that it lights up the whole world: this is what the sign of Leo is about. A New Moon is a time to plant seeds, so with this New Moon in Leo, take some time to fill your heart completely. You’ll have help from this New Moon’s trine to jovial Jupiter– the abundant and magnanimous “bringer of jollity”. See yourself as a gift to the world– to all of existence. How does this gift express itself? Through art? Service? Cooking? Teaching? It doesn’t matter what the outlet is. All that matters is that it is the right one for you– the path of purest vibration, where joy and creativity naturally flow. When you are doing your thing, you feel good, and others feel it, too. But try to remember it does not come from “you”– not the little you, that is.

Every ego is a unique vehicle, perfectly designed to help shine the pure Light of being into this world. The Light wants to shine through everyone, and when we let it, the Universe rejoices. But all too often, we mistake the ego for the source of the Light. This is like mistaking a car for the phenomenon of motion. As with all astrological energies, the path toward Leo’s pure expression is narrow and full of traps. Leo’s traps all originate in the misappropriation of the Light– identifying with it on the ego level, rather than recognizing and surrendering to its higher source.

Pride is a close second to fear in the pantheon of toxic emotions, and more subtle in its tricks, since it can actually feel good. It intoxicates us with the sense of being somebody special. We enshrine our personality quirks, our likes and dislikes, and everything we do, say, or create. This may feel good in the moment, giving us a flimsy sense of self-worth, but it creates suffering in the long term. If someone comes along, for instance, who one-ups us at our “thing”, then our sense of specialness comes crashing down. That hurts. But even worse is the suffering that comes from being cut off from the true Light, settling only for the ego’s flickering bulb. That is the price we pay for not being able to experience anything other than our own identity. It is like sitting with your back to the Grand Canyon, staring into a gopher hole.

The square between Venus (planet of relationship, value, beauty, art) and Jupiter (planet of pride, vision, and bigness) at this New Moon ups the ante on all of this. Being a tense aspect, a square can force certain issues– in this case glibness, false fronts, arrogance, laziness, and excess. But remember, no matter the aspect, this is a combination of the two classical benefics– the “good” planets– making it a great time to enjoy life, to be creative, to be social, to go large. All congruous with Leo themes.

So what does it all boil down to? Consciously plant seeds at this New Moon, and you will soon harvest beautiful fruit: a purer expression of your true gifts. Do what you love. Develop your talents. Don’t be afraid to share, because there are two sides to the equation: gift-recipient, performer-audience. Really, they are One Thing. Polarity, begone! The audience needs the performer, just as much as the performer needs the audience. So, do your thing and don’t take yourself so seriously. Feel the love behind all of it. Practice the art of forgetting yourself, even as you practice your talents. Don’t worry about your life’s purpose. I do astrology– I am not an astrologer. I compose music– I am not a composer. I teach– I am not a teacher. I do Alex things– I am not Alex. Recognize the light in everyone– even the people you don’t like.

For Leo, Gratitude is the Elixir of Life. Gratitude makes you humble, joyful, and radiant. A winning combo. One of the best shortcuts into a state of real gratitude is to remember a time that you did something for someone else and they thanked you. So, you practice receiving gratitude. That’s in keeping with the vibration of Leo– lap it up. Then, you can more fully and genuinely offer thanks for anything and everything that you can. Check out my video below where I share this practice. You will thank me for it… and it will make me feel very good. And I will thank you for watching… and you’ll feel good. Then we’ll go do something good for someone else. This is how positive vibrations spread. Be a gift to existence!

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