Libra Full Moon: Are You a Lover or a Fighter?

Alex Stein
3 min readApr 16, 2022

Are you a lover or a fighter? Is life a dance or a battle? Or is it a good romp in the sack? With the Full Moon in Libra, the zodiac’s first polarity of Aries/ Libra comes into focus. This is the polarity of Me and You, initiating and responding, competition and cooperation. Whether or not these signs are prominent in your own chart, striking the right balance between self and other is one of the key assignments in Earth School.

You have our own will, impulses, and the right to “manspread” a bit in your own space (women included). And so does everyone else. If you lean too far in the direction of Aries, you are mean and abrasive. Eventually Libra comes to the rescue in the form of a brick wall– the “other” smacks back. Another version of excess Aries is acting without thinking, which works great until it doesn’t. If you lean too far toward Libra, on the other hand, you are sugar and spice and everything nice. You can’t say “no.” You gradually grow resentful and eventually blow. Aries comes to the rescue as you napalm the offending party. Alternatively, with excess Libra, you can think without acting, weighing endless lists of pros and cons, knowing that you cannot make the wrong choice if you make no choice at all. Needless to say, more balance, more self awareness, and clear communication– assertive, yet courteous– goes a long way.

With this Full Moon T-squaring Pluto, it is time to dig deep and purge the gunk that clogs the pipes in your relationships, both to others and to yourself. Pluto urges us toward radical honesty. You must clearly acknowledge the ways your own wounds, fears, and compulsions can either keep you from asserting yourself, or from listening to and valuing others. Sometimes the closest relationships– the ones that we feel should be most supportive and nourishing– are in fact the most painful and poisonous. This can be a hard fact to admit, let alone to actually sit with. Pluto says “go for it”. And if you do, that is the chance to transmute the poison into the elixir.

Coming to your aid– or compounding the problem, depending on your approach– are the conjunctions of Mercury with Uranus and Jupiter with Neptune. Mercury-Uranus can give the gift of fresh insight– the ability to break out of mental boxes and see things from a new perspective. Or it can simply agitate the mind and fill you with nervous, scattered energy. It can liberate your tongue to say what needs saying, or it can cause you to blurt out words you can never take back. Jupiter-Neptune can grace you with a beautiful, nourishing vision of what might be. It can also help you feel the majesty of your interconnectedness with others. Or it can spell arch-delusion, where it is impossible to see yourself, the other, or the nature of the relationship clearly. It can also spell grotesquely poor boundaries. As always, your response is up to you. And as always, please don’t judge yourself for not always riding these astrological waves like a pro. Judgment is the worst poison there is– especially self-judgment, which is the source of all other varieties of judgment. And for you Saturnian types out there, should you catch yourselves in judgment, remember not to judge yourselves for judging yourselves. Ahhhh, being human.

I wish you all the perfect balance of whatever needs balancing in your life.

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