Leo Full Moon (Feb. 4, 2023)

Alex Stein
3 min readFeb 4, 2023


What is it going to take to be yourself? What is holding you back? The Leo Full Moon lights up the Leo-Aquarius axis — the axis of self and society. How do we achieve maximum coherence with ourselves and with others, so that we can live authentically and unapologetically? How much of you is in there, and how much is just a salad of social narratives? No matter how progressive or awake we may be, there’s a part of us that is still a social mammal, for whom not fitting in means death on the savannah.

This Full Moon squares Uranus, the lord of liberation. So really, if you’ve been holding yourself back, it’s time to say “F it”. That’s the Aquarian/ Uranian half of the equation: you have to be you at all costs, whatever others may think. The Leo half says, enjoy yourself and trust that you will find more love by shining brightly than by being a good sheep. But don’t ignore those butterflies in your stomach — they’re a reminder that you still care what others think, and it’s always better to act with awareness than ignorance. The ultimate Leo lesson? Swapping dignity for joy is always a good trade.

There’s more spice where that came from, with Venus squaring Mars. Sometimes toes exist to be stepped on, and if you’re riding the wave of the Leo Full Moon, this aspect might just highlight that fact. This alignment can bring out pushiness and reactivity, from either end of a social exchange. It’s also a great one for shaking the booty and another invitation to have fun. Conflict and harmony are close cousins. With Mars-Venus, we may be quick to anger, but also quick to forgive. And it also highlights the necessity of periodic blowouts to establish a better harmony. It is the ultimate, “shall we fight of shall we f#@%?” alignment.

With Mercury moving in to conjoin Pluto, we can also use some dark humor — the perfect antidote to the suspicion and negative thought loops this alignment can bring. Yes, the world is full of darkness — abusive power structures, war, and atrocities of all kinds. Ruminating on the seriousness of everything comes easy and it’s a perfect excuse not to have fun. Jack Handy, author of Deep Thoughts (and a Mercury-Pluto native) knew how to handle this alignment: “Some people are like slinkies. They’re not really good for anything. But they make you smile when you push them down the stairs.” Remember, eventually you’re going to die anyway, so you might as well enjoy everything.

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