Full Moon in Pisces

Alex Stein
4 min readSep 20, 2021


This Full Moon in Pisces asks us to take a break from action just long enough to take a sip of the living water. With an abundance of tense aspects in the chart, we may find ourselves pushed and pulled in many directions. Even as we drive toward our goals, check items off our list, or overhaul our diets, we can always take a moment to stare at a tree, defocus our eyes and melt into the flow of the universe. This is the medicine of the moment.

A Full Moon always involves two signs, as the Sun and Moon oppose each other. In this case the Moon in Pisces opposes the Sun in Virgo. The Pisces-Virgo axis emphasizes two basic modes of human consciousness: the organic world of our brain’s right hemisphere and the abstracted world of the left hemisphere. Each is involved in everything we do, but in different ways. We all move within these two worlds everyday, with the power to choose which one to inhabit at any moment. Ultimately, we need the cooperation of both hemispheres to live effectively.

Pisces relates to the holistic and interconnected world of the right hemisphere. Everything in this world flows and breathes together. Ever-rooted in the present moment, the right hemisphere synthesizes vast swaths of information in a single stroke, intuitively sensing the connections between things, along with the subtle energetic qualities of color, tone, and gesture. It perceives atmosphere, quality, and inner relationships. When we live in the right hemisphere’s world, we swim in the ocean of pure existence: the unconscious, the superconscious, and the infinite. Ultimately, this is the greater reality, as there will always be more in heaven and earth than our philosophy can ever dream of. But to live in this world alone would mean a life of aimless drifting.

To plant our feet on the ground– even if that ground does not really exist– we need the left hemisphere. Imposing order upon chaos, the left hemisphere defines the separate objects that we perceive the world to contain. The left hemisphere likes things linear and orderly. It likes maps, systems, and concepts. It likes to take things apart and see how they work. This is Virgo’s realm. With the help of Virgo and the left hemisphere, we can create an action plan with which to navigate the vast ocean of existence. Pisces and Virgo help us find the balance between our brain’s two worlds– the open and the closed, the infinite and the particular.

This Full Moon is conjunct Pisces’ ruling planet Neptune, doubly inviting us to let go and immerse ourselves in the flowing waters of feeling, imagination, and dreams. We have to consciously create the space for this to occur, actively choosing to spend time in the bath, on a hike, writing poetry, listening to music, or taking an inner journey. If we do not make time for the inner world, then the inner world will take time from us. Thick fog banks will roll in to halt the traffic of our singular efforts.

During this Full Moon, the Sun is conjunct Mars, Moon opposite Mars, and Saturn trine Mars. We may find ourselves bustling around the house, taking care of chores, or working very intently on more significant projects. This is a good time for that, provided we allow ourselves to “drop out” for brief moments, simply enjoying how it feels to drift across the cosmic ocean. With Mercury square Pluto, we can become detail-obsessed, serious, and hyper-focused. We may ruminate on dark thought-loops. It can be difficult to shut our minds up long enough to immerse ourselves in Neptune and Pisces’ healing waters. Just do so anyway and do not worry if a few disturbing images or resentments skim across the surface of your mind. Simply feel the peace lying under the surface.

Venus opposite Uranus and square Saturn adds layers of tense, but potentially constructive energy. Saturn and Uranus put the spotlight on issues of freedom and restriction, and Venus focuses these issues in the realm of relationships, values, and aesthetics. Venus-Uranus invites us to enjoy the fresh air that new people can breathe into our lives, but Saturn says, “make sure that air does not contain particles of the Delta variant.” In intimate relationships, we may experience a sense of renewal as we deepen and affirm our commitments. Creative artists may learn the virtue of simplicity: how sometimes the greatest statement is an understatement. This is an especially nice time to do such creative work, which brings together Uranian/ Neptunian/ Piscean inspiration, Virgoan/ Saturnian skill, and Venusian aesthetics.

With so many hard-driving aspects, be mindful of your need for “off-time”, which this Full Moon emphasizes. Take time to decompress in the flowing, interconnected world of your right hemisphere, between bouts of effort. Otherwise, you may get the ugly side of Pisces/ Neptune: brain fog, confusion, illusion, and self-sacrifice. Row, row, row your boats gently down the stream… Life is but a dream.