Full Moon in Aries (October 9, 2022)

Alex Stein
2 min readOct 9, 2022
“Aries” by Johfra Bosschart

This Full Moon lights up the Aries-Libra axis– the polarity of self and other. In my last post, on the Libra New Moon, I spoke of the power of deep listening to bring us into relation and union with each other and the divine. This Full Moon develops the theme. In the act of listening deeply, of coming into true relation, we discover who we really are. Aries represents the basic impulse to be and act. It throws us into life, sometimes like a rock into a window. We have to learn ultimately to listen to ourselves– to come into relationship with our own minds and bodies. What is driving my actions? What happens when I go too hard? How does the body respond? My energy and emotions?

Consider– why do you do what you do? When you burst into action, where is the spark coming from? To really do this, you need to be able to come into relation with yourself in a new way. To try to see yourself almost as another person. With the Sun conjunct Venus and Moon conjunct Chiron at this Full Moon, now is a good time to try this out. Is there a basic sense of insufficiency lurking somewhere inside that connects itself to your actions? The message here, with Venus conjunct the Sun, is that it is okay to love yourself. When you feel basically worthy and connected to an inner source of love, your actions flow in a different way. In fact, you can keep doing what you do– whatever it is that is particularly “yours” to do. Things might look exactly the same on the outside– but on the inside they feel different. Plugged into a cleaner source of energy, everything becomes more harmonious and beautiful. Libra and Venus smile.

With Pluto moving slowly after turning direct yesterday, Mars approaching its retrograde at the end of the month, and Saturn-Uranus making their final near-exact square, things are tense. The world will be crazy. You don’t need to be. Heed the messages above and know that all will be well.

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