Full Moon in Aquarius (August 11, 2022)

Alex Stein
3 min readAug 11, 2022


Aquarius, by Johfra Bosschart

The message of the Leo-Aquarius polarity, illuminated by this Full Moon, is “be who you are”. So who are you? Are you, as Leo would see it, a special, unique, individual soul come to Earth to play your part in the Cosmic Drama? Or are you just one of 8 billion other schlubs on a little planet in a big universe, as Aquarius would see it? Of course, you are both– it’s all a matter of perspective, and the truth is always found between the poles. The Cosmic Drama is rich and mesmerizing– and its human cast is 8 billion characters long. We’ll skip the curtain call.

Leo is that part of ourselves that needs to radiate, express, play, and receive a bit of applause, while Aquarius is the part that will be what it will be, regardless of what anyone else thinks. Through Leo, we throw ourselves into whatever role we are playing. Aquarius prefers detachment– even a bit of dissociation. Leo looks at the Sun and goes, “My God! It’s big! It’s bright! It gives life to the planet! We orbit around it! All hail the SUUUUUUUUUN!!!!!” Our Leo side can feel similarly about our personal identity and gifts– we are each our own Sun. From up close, things look big. But detachment brings perspective: rational Aquarius raises its index finger in the air and says, “um, actually, there are on average 400 billion stars in a galaxy and about 10 trillion galaxies in the universe… so yeah.”

Aquarius is a paradoxical sign. It’s the sign of the oddball and the everyman; the group member and the individual. It is the sand in the oyster of society. Everything is always moving, including human culture. Aquarius, and its modern ruler Uranus, are changemakers. Cultural forms grow and gradually harden. When energy for growth begins to stir and shift and the forms can no longer contain it, it’s time for a change. Weirdos, misfits, and rebels– Aquarian or Uranian types– are the conduits for new energy to enter the collective. Immune to the need for recognition, guided by abstract principles, or simply getting off not belonging, they shake things up. What’s good for the outsider is eventually good for everyone, as society moves step by step toward greater inclusivity and solutions. (Yes, despite the obvious forces of resistance and regression, the tide of sentiment is definitely still moving in this direction). Aquarius is the People’s Sign.

The Leo-Aquarius polarity ask us to find the balance between warmth and detachment, playfulness and rationality, individuality and social consciousness, giving a f*** and not giving a f***. In other words, play your part to the hilt, but don’t be afraid to look weird doing it, because it really doesn’t matter all that much anyway– and it will help move the human drama forward (not that it really matters… or does it?)

If you’re feeling wrung-out by the recent brawl of Mars, Saturn, Uranus, this Full Moon can both intensify the situation and bring it to a resolution, as the Sun and Moon align with Saturn, Mars, and Uranus. Though this can be a particularly stressful alignment– grinding and jittery, pushy and exhausting– it can also be a catalyst to help you find the balance you’ve been missing. Try to slow down and take things one step at a time.

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